quality & authentication

A. Income Raw Material Inspection>

Base on test items include volatiles at 105oC,sieve residue,oil absorption,heat resistance, coloring intension ,hygienic index ect,to control quality beginning from income material.

B.Finished Product Inspection

a.Process Inspection- First inspection before production,use Time Interval Sampling Method for regular inspecting.

b.Final Inspection- Inspect all indexes to get acceptation before marketing.

C.General Technical Index:

Appearance: equal size,color consistency,not allow cosmid over two granules,cosmid amount less than 0.2%
Coloring intension: among ±5%
Total Color Difference (CIELAB): ΔE<1.5
Heat Resistance:  ≥level 6
Compression dispersion method: ≥level 5
Blowing film dispersion method: refer to GB4456-84
Heavy metal content: Pb100PPM, As50PPM, Hg50PPM, Cd100PPM, Se100PPM, Ba100PPM, NH2500PPM.